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Mags Thomson

As part of the ongoing Inspiring Interviews Series, I had the opportunity to sit down with award-winning mindset & wellbeing coach, Charlotte Cheetham.

Charlotte’s passion is to help stressed people in mid-life to find a better way of living through re-discovering confidence, clarity and freedom in their lives. She is an award-winning mindset & wellbeing coach, and also a corporate mental health facilitator and helps businesses to improve mental health in the workplace through running a series of three workshops.

These workshops teach managers and their staff how the brain functions, the negative impact technology has on us, how we can reduce stress and how we can improve work performance.

How did you get here?

After marrying my husband who was a pilot in the RAF, I found…

To release the past and embrace the future is such an important topic I think, one that really lies at the core of SwanWaters. When we started talking and dreaming of starting a website where people could come for support, one of the things we said was that we didn’t want it to be a place where all we do is b**** about how tough we had it as children, and how awful our mothers are.

It is all true, we were all daughters of narcissistic mothers, but complaining is not going to get us anywhere.

So, we really wanted…

As part of the Inspiring Interviews Series, I had the opportunity to speak to transformational coach and recovering self-sufficient, overachieving, people pleaser, Emma Smillie.

Photo by Sandra Stempfle

Emma Smillie is a Scottish ex-pat and positively provocative transformational coach. She is also a recovering self-sufficient, overachieving, people pleaser. She lives in The Hague with her husband Drew and fur-baby Charlieboy the Havanese.

Emma is passionate about creating environments where people feel safe to be themselves, discover what they really want and become the creators of their lives. She does this in two ways; through her private practice and voluntary work as a transformational coach and with her passion project FloLab, a wellness-first shared workspace created for health-conscious entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers. …

Why we need to take the female out of feminism and make it about balance, empowerment and inclusivity instead.

I received an email the other day from a man, who tentatively asked if he would be allowed to contribute to FEM, because — although he is a man — he identifies as a feminist. “Of course!” was my answer, because I truly believe men need to be part of the conversation. As do nonbinary people. We can’t talk about equality and inclusivity if we don’t involve everyone. We need people with different skin tones, belief systems, body shapes, genders, cultural backgrounds, you name it! True strength lies in diversity!

The Power-Over System

Where the real problem lies I feel is that we…

As part of the Inspiring Interviews Series, I had the opportunity to speak to international career coach, speaker and all-around Bajan Badass, Makeda Alleyne.

With 15 years of experience in the training, learning and development sector, Makeda Alleyne has worked with world-leading companies and global brands to design and deliver professional development programmes. Today, through her company Makeda Alleyne Programmes Ltd., she works with professional women who feel stuck and desperately unhappy in their jobs and careers and are absolutely dying to make a change.

We met on LinkedIn and bonded over our mutual love of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Makeda’s positively contagious smile and energy! Through her coaching and mentoring programming Makeda works to dramatically increase her client’s perception of what’s possible for…

As part of the Inspiring Interviews Series, I had the opportunity to speak to mindset and self-mastery coach, Lydia Wilmsen.

Lydia was born and raised in Germany, and now travels the world as a free spirit, with a base in Cyprus, the Netherlands and Switzerland. I absolutely love listening to Lydia’s podcast, and always feel inspired.

As a mindset and self-mastery coach, she helps successful entrepreneurs uncover the hidden mindset and emotional blocks that are holding them back from accelerating their results and breakthrough to new levels of ease, freedom, passion and purpose.

Are there experiences from your past that have informed what you do now?

If anyone knows the programming — good and bad — of the mind, then it’s me. I grew up in a cult-like setting, in surroundings of extreme…

Since I believe that we create human connection through the stories we tell, I figure it’s only fair I share my own. So, as part of the Inspirational Interviews Series, let me share my own story and expertise.

Photography by Mia Tengco

I am FEM editor-in-chief, founder and CEO of House of Hives, award-winning story coach and impact co-creator, Mags Thomson. I am from the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands and first moved to The Hague for a job with a government agency. If you’ve ever watched a video on a social channel, or end up on a call with me, you may wonder why this Dutch woman sounds like a Scot.

Actually, I used to speak with a really posh and proper English accent that I picked up from a friend who studied in Oxford. When I moved to Glasgow as…

I Am Sorry for Having Boundaries

Before you say anything, let me reassure you: I’m not actually sorry for having boundaries. And yet, I spend an awful lot of time apologizing for them. What’s up with that?

I suppose the idea that boundaries are selfish is so deeply ingrained, we tend to feel that by setting limits we hurt other people. In fact, I was talking to a friend about her daughter’s boyfriend. He has a mother who parents by that idea. She sets no boundaries in the name of being kind and compassionate. …

As part of the Inspiring Interviews Series, I had the opportunity to speak to coach, podcaster and all-round rebel rouser, Meg Kissack of The Rebel Rousers.

Meg is an absolute firecracker and one of the funnest people I have met in a while! Based in Liverpool, UK, she is the founder of The Rebel Rousers, and host of The Daily Pep! Podcast and The Couragemakers Podcast. She’s a coach, podcaster and all-round rebel rouser for fiercely creative, wildly multi-passionate & fabulously unconventional women, who want to get out of their own way and make shit happen.

Meg helps her clients show up in the world as their most courageous and authentic selves, do the epic shit only they can do and make the world a brighter…

As part of the Inspiring Interviews Series, I had the opportunity to speak to the founder of Changemaker Content, creator of the Brilliance Ignition Process, and author of Brilliance Unboxed, Jo Gifford!

Jo Gifford is an entrepreneur, podcaster, Founder of Changemaker Content, creator of the Brilliance Ignition process, author of Brilliance Unboxed, and content development strategist and consultant for change-makers. I have been a fan of hers for ages. In fact, back in 2005, her ‘Blogging for Business’ course was the first-ever investment I made in my entrepreneurial development.

Jo’s soul passion and purpose is to create connections and conversations with unboxed leaders who use their brilliance to create change. She believes in building legacies, movements and missions that are designed to make a difference. …

Mags Thomson

Founder and CEO House of Hives, Story Coach & Impact Co-Creator.

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